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Ojinika Glass
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Ojinika Glass
Ojinika Glass
Local Glass Blowing

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Location & Hours

Different Classes :
3-hour classes

Solid Sculptures

Level 1: Mushroom and Bee

Level 2: Cactus and Snail

Level 3: Hummingbird and Heart

Implosions (color encased in clear)

Level 1: Swirl
Level 2: Jellyfish
Level 3: Mushroom
Hollow Body
Level 1: Jars
Level 2: Pipes or Watering Orbs
Level 3: Advanced Pipes or Hollow Sculptures

Weekend Workshop - Two 6 hour days with lunch break  

Weekend Pipe Making Workshop
Personalized Weekend Workshop - Choose your own adventure

Ash Memorial Products

Keep your loved ones close to your heart

The loss of a loved one is always difficult, and sometimes it helps to design something symbolic to heal. Together, we can envision a piece that will be a vessel of memories with your cherished loved ones for years to come.

We offer a variety of options for preserving your loved ones in glass.

Marbles/Paper Weights


At Ojinika Glass we value the beauty in all things, the need for creativity to be released, knowledge and wisdom that desires to be shared, continuous personal development, and essential connection to the community.

Our mission is to inspire the love of artistic creativity through original custom glass products and personalized classes in a rare science-based artform that supports a balance between the left and right brain.

Our vision is to be a respected lampworking educational company that is accessible to a wide range of people via our mobile studio.

Services Offered

Glass Blowing Classes
Glass Products
Special Order
1136 North End Road Salt Spring Island, BC V8K-1M1

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